BBM strongly believes that tourism is an effective instrument for economic growth. He would always say that the government should increase strategic investments in tourism development because this would result in long-term benefits.  It would help generate jobs and increase income for the local government units.

One of his achievements as Governor of Ilocos Norte was to make the province a major tourist destination for both local and international tourists.  He achieved this through marketing opportunities and infrastructure development.

After several trips to China, BBM forged a Sisterhood Agreement with Shandong province, which in effect increased the number of Chinese tourists in Ilocos Norte.

As for infrastructure development, the best example would be the windmills of Bangui.  Although the windmills were built as an alternative energy source, it is now regarded as a major tourist attraction in Ilocos Norte.

Believing that infrastructure development is an integral to tourism development, Senator Marcos filed Senate Bill No. 3201 : An Act Creating the Laoag International Port Authority” The bill was designed to promote international air traffic in Ilocos Norte and other parts northern Luzon by empowering the Port Authority to upgrade the services and facilities of the airport and make the same acceptable to international standards.  He believed that if the airport facilities were upgraded, the same would result in an increased number of visitors from China, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea.