Senator Marcos supported our Overseas Foreign Workers [OFWs] by initiating various legislative measures to safeguard their rights.  He believed that it is the duty and responsibility of government to protect our OFWs.

In 2011, the relations between the Philippines and Taiwan became strained because of the deportation of several Taiwanese nationals.  This led to the retaliation against our OFWs in Taiwan.  After Senate Resolution No. 379, the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations was tasked to come up with remedial measures so that the Department of Foreign Affairs could further protect the welfare and interests of our OFWs in Taiwan.

In 2014, the government of Saudi Arabia gave illegal migrant workers until March 1st to complete their working papers or face deportation.  Senator Marcos called on his office to work overtime and process the undocumented and/or incomplete documentation of these OFWs.  The herculean task was completed within 2 months.

Senator Marcos also formulated measures so that a portion of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) fund would be set aside to help distressed OFWs.  The said fund would be used to hire more lawyers who could assist the OFWs who were detained, maltreated and victimized by illegal recruiters.