Senator Marcos has always been a staunch advocate of protecting and preserving the environment.  Towards this end, he filed the following bills :

Senate Bill No. 2885 : Climate Change Education Act of 2011

The bill makes it mandatory for the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) to include a subject on Climate Change as part of the curriculum in all college and university courses. The bill was filed so that the youth would understand the significance of Climate Change.

Senate Bill No. 2097 : PAGASA Modernization Act (RA 10692)

The bill provides additional funds to modernize the equipment and training facilities of PAGASA weather station.  The bill was filed because there was a need for accurate weather forecasts due to the numerous typhoons that would hit the country every year.

Senate Bill No. 410 The Philippine Green Building Act

The bill seeks to encourage investors to built ecologically efficient “green buildings” by giving them tax incentives.  The long-term goal of the bill was to encourage developers to construct ecologically safe buildings.

Senate Bill No. 413 : Bicycle Commuters Incentives Act of 2013

This bill provides incentives to bicycle riders and other drivers of other non-motorized vehicles.  It seeks to lessen pollution by decreasing the number of oil-powered motorized vehicles on the road.

Senate Bill No. 419 : Regulating the Use of Plastic Bags

The bill intends to reduce and eventually eliminate the use of plastic bags which are harmful to the environment.  The bill was filed to help clear our polluted waters by encouraging the use of biodegradable, reusable and unleaded bags as an alternative to plastic bags.

Senate Resolution No. 482 : Inquiry on the Environmental Sustainability of the Cement Industry

The Resolution to make the cement industry more environment-friendly.

Relief Efforts for Yolanda

In 2013, Senator Marcos was at the forefront of the disaster relief and rehabilitation efforts brought about by Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda).  Since his family hails from Leyte, he went that extra mile to extend aid to the thousands of typhoon victims who were hungry and homeless.

Concerned about reports that a significant number of relief goods never reached the typhoon victims, he called for a senate investigation to probe into what happened to the funds given by local and international donors during this crisis.

In the hope of preventing the recurrence of Ondoy-like tragedies in Metro Manila, Senator Marcos submitted a report regarding the state of Metro Manila’s flood management plans and projects (CRN 73).

He likewise pushed for the institutionalization of effective disaster-preparedness and disaster-responses on a national scale (SRN 1056).