Senator Marcos has always been committed to pursuing his vision of providing cheap and reliable energy for the public.

When he was Governor of Ilocos Norte, he established the Bangui Wind Farm – the first power-generating windmill farm in Southeast Asia.

To say that the Bangui Wind Farm bolstered the province’s supply of electricity is an understatement.  The farm became a showcase for clean and renewable energy sources and stimulated business activities and investments for the province.

Running along a 9-kilometer beach in Bangui, the imposing line of 70-meters tall wind turbines, each equipped with three 41-meter blades, quickly become a favorite attraction for both locals and tourists alike.

When he became Senator, he continued his quest for energy sufficiency by filing Senate Bill No. 2593. The bill sought to create a Hydrogen & Research Development that would study the use of hydrogen as an alternative source of fuel energy.

He likewise filed Senate Resolution No. 622 which directed the Committee on Energy to conduct inquiries that would look into the status of the country’s power development program and inform the Filipino people of the overall state of the country’s energy infrastructure.