Senator Marcos has always been a staunch advocate of cooperatives.  He has always believed that cooperatives are the key to fueling the growth of entrepreneurs.  Because of this, he filed several bills to benefit cooperatives :

Senate Bill No. 3245 : Cooperative Development Authority Charter Act”

The bill sought to strengthen the powers, duties and functions of the Cooperative Development Authority.  It was filed because over 10 million Filipinos or roughly 10% of the Filipino population are members of cooperatives and yet coops have remained in the micro scale and have failed to mature into large scale enterprises.

Senate Resolution No. 1366 : Incentive Schemes for Electric Cooperatives

The resolution pushed for stronger and more logical incentives for electric cooperatives. It sought to reduce the cost of electricity for the benefit of the public.

As Vice Chairman of the Committee on Cooperatives, Senator Marcos hoped to instill a culture of entrepreneurship among Filipinos.

When he took over as the de facto Chairman of the Committee on Cooperatives (2010-2015) he spearheaded various concerns involving cooperatives.