Sen. Bongbong Marcos is committed to pursuing his vision of ensuring that the Philippines has an adequate supply of energy, as well as his mission of providing cheap and reliable energy for the masses.

As Governor of Ilocos Norte in the 1990s, Marcos relentlessly sought a suitable solution to the power outages and poor quality of electricity that plagued his province. This led to the construction of the Bangui Wind Farm, the first power-generating windmill farm in Southeast Asia.

The Bangui Wind Farm not only bolstered the province’s supply of electricity and spurred business activities and investments but also became a showcase for viable clean, and renewable energy source. Running along a 9-kilometer length of windswept beach in Bangui, the imposing line of 70-meters tall wind turbines, each equipped with three 41-meter blade, has also become a favorite tourist attraction, thereby bringing additional benefits to the province and its people.

Marcos continues his quest to fulfill his vision for energy sufficiency. He has filed Senate Bill No. 2593 for the creation of a hydrogen research and development center in the country that will study the use of hydrogen as an alternative source of fuel energy

Senator Marcos also advocates and supports a policy towards increased government investment in infrastructures that would ensure energy sufficiency as well as lower power and fuel costs, taking into account the equally-important aspect of protecting our environment.

Pushed for government’s complete and comprehensive report to the people regarding the impending energy crisis and the state of the country’s energy infrastructure. (Senate Resolution No. 622)