Empowerment of the youth is an issue that Senator Bongbong Marcos has always been passionate about. In fact, it was the very first law that he authored as a neophyte congressman in 1992 that established the Philippine Youth Commission.

Emphasizing that EDUCATION is central to nation-building, Senator Marcos has filed the following bills to improve the state of education in the country:

Senate Bill No. 3106. Public School Teachers’ Salary Upgrading Act.

Noting that the minimum salary of Philippine public school teachers remains incomparable with the salary for other professions and even at borderline of the poverty threshold, Senator Marcos filed Senate Bill No. 3106 which seeks to raise the compensation of public school teachers from Salary Grade 11 or approximately P18,000 a month to Salary Grade 15 or approximately P25,000 a month.

Senate Bill No. 2531. Teachers Education Act of 2010.

Believing that the quality of a nation’s educational system is dependent on the quality of its teachers, Senator Marcos authored this act mandating continuing education for teachers in all levels of education for both private and public schools.

Senate Bill No. 2532. First Class Public Schools and Libraries Act of 2010.

This bill seeks to continuously improve and upgrade public schools and libraries across the nation pursuant to the constitutional and statutory mandates of prioritizing education.

Senate Bill No. 2188. Moratorium on the Creation or Conversion of State Universities and Colleges Act of 2010.

This is an act imposing a 3-year moratorium on the creation of new state universities and colleges to allow Congress and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) time to assess and upgrade existing state colleges and universities to competitive levels.

Senate Bill No. 1191. Pag-asa ng Paglaya sa Pagbasa.

Emphasized the value of education, even for prisoners as they await and hope for their future freedom and social reintegration, through the “Pag-Asa ng Paglaya sa Pagbasa” (“Redemption through Reading”) bill.

Senator Marcos also continues to support numerous efforts for the improvement and expansion of educational programs in various parts of the country, including the massive scholarship program that he implemented as Governor of Ilocos Norte.