Sen. Bongbong Marcos believes in the ability of cooperatives to fuel the growth of entrepreneurs.

Believing that the potential benefits that can be gained from cooperatives remain untapped, he filed Senate Bill No. 3245, “Cooperative Development Authority Charter Act”.

The bill aims to streamline the Cooperative Development Authority so that it may better address the problems of cooperatives and provide them more adequate funding, assistance and supervision.

Around 10 Million Filipinos or roughly 10% of the population are members of cooperatives yet coops have remained in the micro scale, failing to mature into large scale enterprises.

As an active and passionate Vice Chairman of the Committee on Cooperatives, Senator Marcos hopes to change this and develop a culture of entrepreneurship among Filipinos.

Took over as de facto Chairman of Committee on Cooperatives and deliberated on the various legislative issues involving cooperatives (2010-2015)

To reduce costs of electricity and improve services to the public, Sen. Bongbong Marcos pushed for stronger and more logical Incentives for electric cooperatives. He filed Senate Resolution No. 1366, “Incentive Schemes for Electric Cooperatives”.