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Sen. Bongbong: A televised meeting with PNoy on BBL is not a bad idea

A televised meeting between Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos Jr. and President Aquino III to discuss the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) would reassure the public that nothing improper is going on.

This developed as Marcos, chair of the Senate Local Government Committee that is scrutinizing the Malacañang-proposed BBL, is open to the idea of having the meeting between the President and the senators aired live on television.

“Sang-ayon ako sa ganun (televised meeting) nang sa gayun ay walang masabi ang kahit na sino na may nangyayari sa meeting na ‘yun na hindi karapat-dapat,” he said in a radio interview. Read More…



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Legislative Comrades Senator Bongbong Marcos, from the North and the two Senators from Mindanao, Senators Koko Pimentel and TG Guingona agreed when Sen Marcos chided that, “Let’s be wary over what happened in the ad hoc committee in the House of Representatives, which abandoned its own version and swiftly passed a Palace version of BBL shortly after panel members met with the President. I hope it won’t happen to us.” Marcos said Santiago’s report which was submitted to the Committee on Local Government which he chairs will serve as their guide in addressing the constitutional flaws of the draft BBL. There will be two BBL more hearings next week, June 2 and 3.

Sen. Marcos pushes for roads to be named after Cory, Ninoy, Kokoy


SENATOR Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos has pushed to name 3 roads to honor the parents of President Aquino III and the former governor of Leyte.

Marcos, as chairman of the Senate Committee on Public Works, on Wednesday sponsored Committee Reports 153, 154, and 155, containing House Bills 4400, 4398, and 1042 proposing to name the circumferential road in Iloilo City as “President Cory C. Aquino Avenue;” the national highway along Iloilo diversion road as “Senator Benigno S. Aquino Jr Avenue;” and a diversion road in Leyte as “Governor Benjamin ‘Kokoy’
T. Romualdez Diversion Road,” respectively.

Under HB 4400, the avenue to be named after former President Aquino will be composed of the 4-lane circumferential road commencing at the junction of the Iloilo-Dumangas Coastal Road in Balabago, Jaro District, Iloilo City, then, follows a general westward direction along the floodway’s southbank towards Buhang, Jaro, Tacas, Jaro and UngKa II, Pavia.
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Sen. Bongbong Marcos Delivers his sponsorship speech pushing for roads to be named after Cory, Ninoy, Kokoy


Mr. President, distinguished colleagues, today, it is my honor, as Chairman of the Committee on Public Works, to sponsor Committee Reports No. 153, 154 and 155 containing House Bills 4400, 4398, and 1042, which propose to name the Circumferential road in Iloilo City as President Cory C. Aquino avenue, the National Highway along Ilioilo diversion raod as senator Benigno S. Aquino, Jr. Avenue, and the diversion road in Tacloban City as Governor Benjamin “Kokoy” Romualdez Diversion Road, respectively.

House Bill 4400 authored by Representatives Gorriceta, Cosalan, Treñas, Defensor, Tupas, Garin and Biron, proposes to name the four (4) lane circumferential road which commences at the junction of the Iloilo-Dumangas Coastal Road in Balabago, Jaro District, Iloilo City, then follows a General Westward direction along the floodway’s south bank towardsBuhang, Jaro, Tacas, jaro and ungka ii, pavia, then traverses southwards to the mandurriao district, Iloilo City-Pavia-San Miguel Tri-Border, and ends at the Iloilo-Antique road, near the center of Arevalo District, Iloilo City, as “President Cory C. Aquino Avenue”.

House Bill 4398, on the other hand, which is likewise authored by Representatives Gorriceta, Cosalan, Treñas, Defensor, Tupas, Garin and Biron, seeks to name the stretch of the national highway along the Iloilo diversion road/Iloilo Capiz road (old route) which begins at the junction of general luna to the airport access road and ends at the gate of the Iloilo International Airport, traversing the Municipalities of Pavia, Sta. Barbara and Cabatuan, and Iloilo City, as “Senator Benigno S. Aquino, Jr. Avenue.” Read More…

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